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Why Your Business Needs Car Wrap Advertising

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    Why Your Business Needs Car Wrap Advertising

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    In the age of fierce competition and the constant uphill battle to gain additional business leads and income, we need to look to new forms of advertising to gain potential clients’ attention. It is your job as business owners and marketing experts to try and get ahead of the trends that will put you at the forefront of people’s minds the next time they are ready to buy.

    It has never been harder to gain the focus of people, with an influx of advertising techniques that fill our lives daily on social media, email blasting, website development, google ad-words, print media… the list goes on. And usually after you have followed the trends and done everything you were told you “had” to do to be ahead of your competition, you have spent thousands of dollars for very little gain, leaving a disheartened and failed feeling deep in your belly.

    Guess what? The reason you keep spending money on these strategies, is because this is what is taught in “marketing courses” so marketing and web development companies can do a job from a laptop anywhere in the world without needing tools or trades people behind them to achieve their services. Whilst these products should definitely not be discarded, one of the most overlooked and underestimated forms of advertising that is easily achieved with your existing assets, is vehicle wraps!

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    A vehicle wrap (or car wrap) is the process of taking a large sheet of customised digitally printed vinyl with your company’s corporate colours, images and details and literally wrapping it like a Christmas present, transforming it into a mobile billboard – a vinyl wrap – that will sell and promote your business in seconds to every person you encounter on the road or even parked up at shopping centres while you do the mad Friday night food dash to obtain all the goodies for the weekend.

    Unlike other advertising mediums such as AdWords for example, where you are only at the forefront of searches if you set a ridiculously high daily budget for a small group of keywords, or limit your daily spend by only being visible for a small period of the day, there are no guarantees that potential clients will even notice your ad in the blur of black text and sales jargon by the thousands on every single google search page. You can only hope that you have some minor success.

    A vehicle wrap on the other hand will work 24 hours a day for the life of the wrap (3-5 years) for a once off cost. It has been reported that the average car vinyl wrap advertising can have somewhere between 20,000 -30,000 impressions a day, that on the lower scale is a staggering 5.2 million views per annum (based on 5 day working week) which does not even equate to $0.01 per impression.

    If these car wrap advertising figures don’t get your marketing juices flowing and excited, here is an example that surely will! On multiple occasions here at Jaxxon Wrapz, whilst clients are on their way home from picking up their newly branded wrapped vehicle, they have been pulled over, cornered, and yelled at from complete strangers begging for their services. Within an hour, these clients have seen the benefit of vehicle wraps and have secured work from it. And if you take it a step further and calculate the lifetime value of a client, it well and truly paid for their brand new car wrap. Within an hour it has already paid for itself and created profit!

    The secret to effective car wrap advertising is to cement a memorable first impression on people, or as we like to say “punch people in the face” in order to convey your authority and professionalism in your field. Gone are the days of listing numerous services with black text on a white vehicle and expect people to read it. People have become lazy and are distracted very easily, so it is imperative with your advertising car wrap to grab attention immediately.

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    We at Jaxxon Wrapz like to use pretty bold and loud design elements whilst at the same time being respectful to corporate imaging and style guides. We always find the right balance of professionalism whilst still “punching people in the face” to gain attention and sales. Advertising car wraps are not only suited to major corporations like once thought, but are in fact a great way for smaller and medium sized business to convey their professionalism and authority easily with a well presented fleet.

    If you were presented with 2 paint companies to paint your house, 1 showed up with a beaten up ute displaying a small crooked black phone number on the door with their name, whilst painter 2 rolled in with their beautifully presented vehicle fitted out with the latest extra high gloss advertising vehicle wrap from Jaxxon Wrapz conveying their professionalism, attention to detail and actually having respect for their business. You would have a higher opinion of painter #2 every time and in their abilities to get the job done right and on time.

    The message you are sending with your car wrap design and vehicle advertising conveys your organisation’s professionalism and quality in the services you provide. It is critical to get your message across immediately to demand clients’ attention so you’re not throwing money away with insignificant advertising campaigns.

    Should you wish to change your car wrap advertising regularly, don’t worry! Jaxxon Wrapz only use the highest quality car wrap materials available that are designed specifically for the automotive wrapping industry. Materials are made to be removed (within their life span) without harming factory paint and leaving minimal glue. An advertising car wrap can also help protect your paint whist installed as it acts as a fine barrier between small stones and the elements often leaving paint like new, resulting in a higher resale price because of unblemished surfaces. Whilst we recommend going for the full car wrap option because it can protect more panelling as well as commanding a higher rate of attention for sales, we can also offer a scaled back option like a 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 wrap should you be starting out in business and don’t quite have the available advertising funds.